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Coos Bay Boat Building Center Set to Close in June

The Coos Bay Boat Building Center has announced it will close after serving the community since 2009. The City of Coos Bay and its owner, Doug Divine refurbished the old fish processing plant located at 100 Newmark Avenue to become a workshop with office and conference rooms. The center held canoe and boat building classes, children’s woodworking events, and hosted the annual visits of the tall ships Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain over the last 13 years. Officials with the Center said, after Divine’s passing last year, the estate notified them of their termination of the lease on June 15th of this year. The board attempted to seek funding and support to purchase the property and on April 9th were presented with a proposal to purchase. The estate sought $850-thousand-dollars if the board could show adequate funding by the end of the month but due to the shore time frame, the board was unable to obtain funding and grants. President, Jim Berg said in an April 19th Press Release the board appreciates the communities support of the center’s missions and goals.

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