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North Bend to Reimburse Administrator’s Legal Fees

The North Bend City Council has approved reimbursing City Administrator David Milliron for legal fees. The fees in excess of $12-thousand dollars were incurred for matters that were not made public because they fell under the confidentiality of the Executive Session.  At Tuesday’s meeting, a motion was made by councilor Susanna Noordhoff to table the matter which failed in a resulting 3 to 3 vote. Tabling an item requires a majority of the council. A second motion was made to table the matter. It also failed.  A third motion was made to reimburse Milliron for $12-thousand-121 dollars and 97 cents. In discussion, Councilor Noordhoff said paying the fees set precedence calling it unethical and cronyism and possibly ventures into corruption. Noordholf added she felt if the council votes in favor, it has crossed a big line saying, “you are the judge and jury, and judges and juries do not make monetary awards to any litigant that comes before them.” When asked for the legal opinion, city attorney Mark Wolf said it was not a grievance matter and it was within the council’s purview to make a policy decision. The matter passed four to two with Councilors Noordhoff and Pat Goll voting against it.

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