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Police Seek Information on Domestic Violence Incident

The Coos Bay Police Department is seeking information from potential witnesses on a domestic violence incident that occurred around 1:30 Saturday afternoon November 6th. The victim and her ex-husband had reportedly gotten into a dispute while traveling home to Bandon. Jeanette Dahm reported she’d pulled into the Coos Bay CFN Fuel Parking Lot where an argument escalated. When she attempted to get Robert Neilson out of the vehicle, he had allegedly grabbed the keys and got in the driver’s side of the vehicle. Authorities say a man in a lifted truck nearby was observed on his cellphone. Dahm believed the man was calling the police after she screamed for help. Police say they never received that call. Neilson was later located in Bandon and was charged with Domestic Strangulation and First-Degree Kidnapping.
(K-DOCK News does not typically report victims’ names in certain cases. However, police felt it was important in identifying potential witnesses.)
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