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Stalled Veterans Housing Project Takes Step Forward

The Coos Bay-North Bend Water Board has completed the Tap line in North Bend that will allow the Operation Rebuild Hope Den Project to move forward. The project, designed to house homeless veterans, stalled this week after “No Occupancy” signs were posted by the North Bend Building Official on the units at the former Sherman Avenue Hotel. City officials say they received confirmation from Waterboard General Manager Ivan Thomas that the line was installed today. The water won’t be turned on until next week until additional cross-connection protections are installed according to an email. The line was critical to opening “The Den” project in order to provide a functioning automatic sprinkler system. Fire suppression is required under the building permit that was issued last year. Without the operating system, the city could not issue occupancy following a final inspection. The signs posted were removed by ORH founder Patrick Wright, a finable offense of up to $500 dollars a day. According to a Facebook Post and tour of the new and old units on Wright’s personal page today the signs would not be allowed on the building. That post has since been removed.

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