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Vaccinations Moving Forward, Slowly

Vaccinations are moving forward in Coos County but not at the pace coordinators would like. Since the beginning of distribution, of the 11,000 signed up to receive shots through Coos Health and Wellness, only 3,536 have received both shots. 3,965 have received their first shot and more than 2,000 over the age of 80 are still waiting to be vaccinated. With a countywide population of 64,000, coordinators admit they are behind. With a steady increase in infections, over the last several months, and February setting a record of more than 407 new cases, Coos County has reached a critical need stage. According to Coos Health and Wellness, more than 411 people are currently being monitored. With news of 2100 first doses and 700 seconds being received, CHW is moving fast to vaccinate but admit they are hobbled by doses trickling into Coos County. CHW continues to urge the public to wear face coverings, social distance, wash hands often and avoid gatherings to help quell new infections.
Oregon Population: 4.218 million
Total Doses Administered: 997,444
Fully Vaccinated: 355,455
In Progress: 281,022
Total People: 636,477
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